Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Video and Pictures!

After upgrading my video card and doing a ton of calibration, I have finally gotten the Touch Table running in a stable manner. Ellen helped me film a video of the table in action last night, and I edited the footage down to about 7 minutes. Feel free to fast forward if you get bored. I still have more work to do to it, including a final paint job and applying my NUI decal to it!

You may notice the ghosting double image on the screen at times and the small shadow in the corner of the screen. Those are problems that I'm currently working on. I got a front surface mirror in attempt to get rid of the ghost image to no avail---it did seem to help the blob clarity. The shadow is from the position of the web camera inside the table. The reason I had to put the camera where it is: I was getting a very bad infrared "hot spot" in the middle of the screen from every other position that I placed the camera. (currently not sure how to fix this problem)

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